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What's New: Back to school? Bosisto’s has you covered!

Can you hear that? It’s the collective sigh of relief as mums everywhere pack their little ones off to school again for a new year.
As you prepare lunchboxes and iron uniforms, don’t forget Bosisto’s can be your perfect back-to-school partner for lots of little dilemmas as well!


Homework Help

wn back2school_stationeryWhether it’s a craft project or accidental biro marks on the laminate bench top, sometimes homework can get messy. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus is perfect for cleaning up dried glue spills, and removing biro or texta marks - even permanent texta! – from most surfaces.*


Grubby Clothes

Spills, dirt and grime are an inevitable part of being a rough and tumble kid. If your child’s uniforms come home needing
a bit of extra stain removal care, try Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray or Bosisto’s EucoFresh Pre-Wash*. It’s magic on dirt, oil and grease stains and perfect for freshening under the armpits
of cotton shirts.

Smelly Shoes

wn back2school_shoesAs school sports and other activities kick in, the heat of summer can take its toll on shoes. To kill germs and freshen, just spray Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray into
school shoes, boots and sneakers
before leaving outside to air.

If your child has problems with tinea or itchiness between the toes, try using Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray directly onto affected areas – it’s a natural antifungal. Great for after communal showers at swimming lessons, too!


Sticky Situations

Need to remove sticky price labels from new school folders, pens and stationery? A quick spray or wipe with Bosisto’s Eucalyptus and glue bonds dissolve instantly, leaving you a clean fresh surface to laminate or write on.


Creepy Crawlies

wn back2school_ttcapUnfortunately back-to-school can mean back to itchy, scratchy heads. Lice are a real problem in many schools and day care centres. Deter head lice by regularly spraying the inside of your child’s school hat with Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray – they hate tea tree oil! Plus spraying combs
or brushes before grooming children’s hair in the
morning works a treat, too.



Sometimes, not a day goes by without a bandaid emergency! The natural antiseptic powers of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil
are perfect to help soothe and disinfect minor scrapes
and wounds.It’s also great for soothing the itch and sting
of minor insect bites – just dab on neat.

wn back2school_antisepticOr try Bosisto’s Antiseptic Spray
with the tri-action properties of eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender oils – this handy pump pack is great to throw in your hand bag ready for after-school sports activities.



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*always patch test a spot first.


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