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Posted on 23 May 2017

Customer Sheila Cramer brings you our latest Customer Top Tip. It's a bed-making routine we can definitely recommend!

'When I strip the beds I spray the mattress with eucalyptus, re-make the bed and just before pulling up the top sheet I spray lavender, then a few drops of lavender oil onto the pillow and pull the bed cover over the top. Come bedtime I pull back the bed cover, hop in and the freshness feels like little bit of luxury.'

Posted on 10 May 2017


Our latest Top Tip comes from Lauren Knights who recommends using Bosisto's Lavender Spray to keep her car smelling fresh.

'The weather in Queensland has been particularly muggy of late. Having small kids can mean the car gets a bit whiffy from time to time. In-between cleans or if the weather is too wet to leave the windows down, I spray my lavender aerosol onto the seat backs and under the seats before locking the car up for the night.  Note; lavender can be extremely calming apart from its antibacterial and smell-eradicating properties. So be careful not to use it in the car BEFORE you drive anywhere (just after).'


Posted on 06 Apr 2017

Our first ever Customer Top Tip comes from Tracey Reed who found a great use for our Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil:

'My tip is to use Tea Tree Oil to treat the infections seedy toe and thrush in horses hooves, and then once cured to use it as a preventative.