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Posted on 15 Jun 2016

Warm, fluffy, cozy (and even, now, fashionable!), we Aussies love our Ugg Boots.  After all, we invented them and knew of their snuggly goodness far before they became the footwear of choice for supermodels.

A good pair of genuine sheepskin uggs or moccasins should last many years, but they do need special care.  So if yours are looking or smelling a bit unloved, here's how to help.  NOTE:  never put sheepskin boots in the washing machine!

1. Protect

 Buy an ugg boot protector where you get your uggs (or buy online, ebay is a good place to start).

This will help prevent many of the stains life in Uggs can bring, and prevent "intensive" cleaning being necessary (a quick wipe with a damp sponge should do the trick).

Posted on 16 May 2016

Baby it's cold outside - but stop before you reach for the central heating remote. Every degree you hike it up above 18 degrees uses 10% more energy.    Try these tactics instead, and you'll find your house (and you) are warmer, naturally.

1. Check your heating system

Gas heaters need to be professionally serviced every two years (or immediately if there’s any sign of trouble).  In between you should regularly clean and vacuum the filters and ducts around your home to reduce odours and fumes.   It's a small investment in time which can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your heating system.

Posted on 16 May 2016


Keeping your house clean can seem like an uphill battle but there’s ways to cheat the system – if you can get into these habits.  Check these out.

1. Do a load of washing every morning.

Be proactive: put a load of clothes in the wash when you first get up, and once you’ve had breakfast pop them in the dryer.  Doing this regularly every day will mean it won’t build up and you’ll spend less time on the weekend buried in laundry.

2. Take your shoes off

Encourage everyone in the home to do this, and it can save you hours of vacuuming and mopping every month.

Posted on 14 Apr 2016

Dust – urgh.  What is it, and where does it all come from?  You might be mildly disgusted to discover it’s made up of human (and pet) skin cells, hair, textile fibres, mineral deposits, pollen and soil from outside, mould spores, chemical residue and lots of other nasties including bacteria and dust mites. 

Ready to get stuck in to cleaning now?

Well let’s be smart about it – here are ten quick tips that will cut your cleaning time yet won’t affect the outcome of the task.

1. Ceiling fans and fixtures

Use a bendable duster and you won’t need a ladder.  But, if you don’t have one, a pillowcase will also do the trick (see here)

Posted on 13 Apr 2016

The low-down on feng shui: it’s an ancient philosophy developed over 3,000 years ago in China which focuses on the ‘balance’ of energy within a space.  The idea is to harness the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – to fill your living space with positive energy and peace.  So if you feel like the energy in your home is ‘stuck’, here are some practical tips that might help.

Bring nature in

​Whether it’s a small succulent garden or an towering indoor plant, nature helps de-stress and aids in relaxation.  Rocks from a favourite place, plants or water sources are all great feng shui for a room.  A small plant of “Lucky bamboo” is excellent for a work desk (place in the East facing corner if possible).

Posted on 17 Mar 2016

A normal person would read this list and think: “Dust my lightglobes?  What are you, insane?”.  But you’re not a normal person are you?  It’s okay, being a little OCD when it comes to cleaning is nothing to be ashamed of.  This list will get you itchy to give those nooks and crannies an extra good going-over…. Be proud and own it! (and enjoy)

Posted on 17 Mar 2016

Tea Tree Oil is produced from a shrub-like tree called Melaleuca alternifolia, native to Australia.   Its powerful antiseptic and antifungal properties were first discovered in the early 1920's - and it became so popular it was included in the mess kits of Australian soldiers overseas to treat fungal nail infections and for first aid.

Tea Tree is still one of the most popular essential oils used in Australia today.  What for?  Read on…

Posted on 10 Feb 2016

Think aromatherapy is fiddly, time-consuming… perhaps a bit of a ‘Byron Bay hippie’ thing?  You’d be wrong.   Essential oils have a vital place in today’s modern households, and you can use them to make your home healthier with very little effort or change to your daily routine.

Here’s our 10 favourite essential oil hacks.

Posted on 10 Feb 2016

Tried pilloxing or activated a bunch of almonds lately?   If you haven’t, more than likely you know someone who has.

With interest in healthy living at unprecedented levels, it’s a rare individual who hasn’t instagrammed a smoothie, tried a spot of mindful colouring or at least chucked some chia seeds in their kids’ choc-chip muffins.

And while it might be getting some backlash (Paleo Pete’s baby brothgate, or the “Activewear” You Tube song) the wellness trend isn’t going anywhere – and here at Bosisto’s, we think that’s a good thing.    So you’ve got the low-down at your next bootcamp session we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest trends on the horizon.

Posted on 16 Dec 2015

It’s an unfortunate truth… bad smells can happen to good people.

And with more guests than usual popping by over the summer holidays, the last thing you want is a funky smell you’ve forgotten to attend to.

Follow these tricks to deal with the grossest smells in your home: