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Posted on 16 Jul 2015

Most of us view our bedroom as an escape from the toxic nature of the outside world; a serene safe-haven.  After all, we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping there (teenagers, even more!).  But shockingly, according to government bodies (including the Australian Goverment Department of Environment, and the EPA), the accumulation of gasses, chemicals, mould and other toxins mean that indoor air can be more polluted than outside.

To make sure your pillow-covered paradise isn’t harming your health, try these easy detox tips.

Posted on 20 May 2015

Unless you’re a die-hard hippie, you’ll spend about 6,000 hours in the shower during your lifetime.  That’s about the same amount of time it would take you to run 1,200 marathons!

Since you’re going to spend so much quality time in there, why not upgrade the experience a bit?  Here are five improvements you can make in just a few minutes.

Posted on 20 May 2015

“Clutter” tends to feel like it’s a million things at once, but actually there are a few main culprits.  These are things which don’t tend to have allocated spots.  Guess what?  That’s easily fixed with these clever storage and organisation solutions.

1.     Car keys

Swimming around somewhere in your handbag, grabbed off benchtops by toddlers or just lost in the general kitchen clutter, keys are never there when you need them.

Posted on 20 May 2015

Floors mopped, check.  Clutter out of sight, check.  Dust bunnies vacuumed, check.  But wait… have you forgotten something?  

Before that doorbell rings this summer take a quick look outside.  We tend to forget that things out there can get pretty grubby, and if you’re entertaining guests it could be time to give these a bit of spit n’ polish.

1.    Outdoor door mats
It’s one of the first things people see before they enter your house, but how often do you clean your door mats?  You’d be surprised the difference a clean, non-grungy (and freshly scented) doormat can make to your home’s first impression. 

Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Scientists at NASA know a thing or two about keeping the air clean – after all, they send astronauts into space with a limited amount of breathable air for months on end (and they can’t just open a window when things get stuffy up there).
So when NASA does a study on indoor air quality and discovers that the humble house plant is a potent weapon for neutralising nasty toxins, it’s a wise idea to listen up.
Posted on 25 Nov 2014

If you’ve never taken your essential oils past the threshold of home, you’ve been missing out!  Essential oils are nature’s fix-it kit, and perfectly suited to the great outdoors.  

Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Knowing how to administer CPR, stop a toddler from choking, save a person from drowning – these are potentially life-saving skills and ones we all should know.   Thankfully, they don’t happen every day…. but smaller emergencies do.

Little injuries and illnesses can happen anywhere, from travelling on a bus to kicking a footy with the kids at the park, and with Easter holidays on the horizon it’s more than likely you’ll encounter a few of these sticky situations.  So here’s our handy guide to dealing with “the little things” like a pro.
Posted on 25 Nov 2014
Life can be stressful at the best of times, but during a challenging time like this, and without the physical closeness of our friends and our workplaces, sports and hobbies - it can be overwhelming.   Luckily, there are some things science tells us really work for stress, and they're mostly free and easy to incorporate into your day. 
1. Listen to music
Posted on 25 Nov 2014

If you haven't yet discovered the amazing benefits of essential oil sprays, you're missing out.

Oils in an oil burner?  Old school!  If you haven't yet discovered the amazing benefits of essential oil sprays, you're missing out.  What did we do before cooking spray made baking a breeze? 
Posted on 30 Jul 2014

Think you know all about dust mites?  Think again: there's a bit of misinformation out there. Here are a few of the myths - and the real truth - about the most common allergen found in Australian homes.