Posted on 10 Feb 2016

Tried pilloxing or activated a bunch of almonds lately?   If you haven’t, more than likely you know someone who has.

With interest in healthy living at unprecedented levels, it’s a rare individual who hasn’t instagrammed a smoothie, tried a spot of mindful colouring or at least chucked some chia seeds in their kids’ choc-chip muffins.

And while it might be getting some backlash (Paleo Pete’s baby brothgate, or the “Activewear” You Tube song) the wellness trend isn’t going anywhere – and here at Bosisto’s, we think that’s a good thing.    So you’ve got the low-down at your next bootcamp session we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest trends on the horizon.

Posted on 17 Dec 2015

Looking for a natural bug repellent spray? Try this recipe now

Looking for a natural bug repellent spray that won’t leave you soaked in hideous chemicals?  Try this lovely blend, which contains eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, both known for their insect repelling qualities.

What you will need:

o   Witch Hazel  (in the beauty section of supermarkets & pharmacies)

o   Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil

o   Bosisto’s Lavender Oil

o   An empty spray bottle

Posted on 16 Dec 2015

It’s an unfortunate truth… bad smells can happen to good people.

And with more guests than usual popping by over the summer holidays, the last thing you want is a funky smell you’ve forgotten to attend to.

Follow these tricks to deal with the grossest smells in your home:

Posted on 16 Dec 2015

It’s a busy morning, you quickly wipe up after making chicken sandwiches and throw the cloth back into the sink.   Clean?  Maybe.  Hygenic?  Perhaps not.

The four most common causes of food poisoning are salmonella, E.coli, listeria and staphylococcus bacteria.  Keeping your food preparation surfaces (and your hands) clean is vital for the health of you, your family, and your guests over holiday season.

Luckily, ridding your kitchen of germs without resorting to chemical warfare is possible – try a few of these tips from cleaning guru Shannon Lush (Spotless, ABC books).

Posted on 16 Dec 2015

If you’re lucky enough to have a ‘linen’ closet you’ll know they tend to accumulate more than just linen.  But that’s okay: you can organise your linens (plus whatever else is in there) and keep this notoriously messy cupboard neat with just a few simple tricks.

1. Take stock

First things first: you need to take a look at what’s currently inside your linen closet.  This is going to help you with the next step.  To see what you have, it may be best to take everything out of the closet to get the full picture of what’s hiding in there.

Posted on 19 Nov 2015

From artificial sweeteners to antibacterial soaps, here’s a list of 10 everyday items you should kick to the curb for better health

1. Artificial sweeteners

If you’re trying to lose weight using artificial sweeteners, you’re doing it wrong.

A recent study found that saccharin and aspartame can cause greater weight gain than sugar, unrelated to calorie intake.  Low or no-calorie sweeteners can stimulate your appetite, increase cravings for carbohydrates and stimulate fat storage. 

Posted on 18 Nov 2015

There’s nothing that can ruin a summer outfit faster than terrible-looking feet.   From slingbacks to sandals, strappy heels to rubber thongs, all our foot faults are exposed in summer – so if you want to keep yours fabulous, here’s a few tips.

Posted on 21 Oct 2015

Ever taken a whiff of freshly brewed coffee and felt instantly more awake and perky?  Does a certain soap or body lotion take you back to a time in your life?  It’s all because of the way our brains are structured, and the good news is we can use it to our advantage: to boost health, wellbeing and mood.

The science of scent
Odours have a significant and immediate effect on our thoughts and behaviours.  Smelling pleasant scents, in general gives us a positive boost – for example one study reported people were more likely to help a stranger in the presence of pleasant aromas.

So which aromas are the best uplifters?

Posted on 21 Oct 2015

Not all items can be tossed in the washing machine and survive the hot water, soap and tumble dry cycle.  Then again, some unlikely items CAN go in the wash that you didn’t think could!  They just need a few precautions.  Here are seven types of items that should be treated with a little TLC.

(Note: these are general guidelines – always defer to the directions on your clothing’s tag.)

Posted on 19 Oct 2015

Laundry is possibly the world’s most boring chore (you’re probably getting bored just reading this).  But it’s something we all have to do every week – or day – and so it makes sense to do it better and faster if possible. 

Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!