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What you really ought to know about medicated nasal sprays

One squirt and within seconds your nose is clear: it’s an allergy or flu sufferer’s dream.  But the relief provided by some popular nasal decongestants might come at a price.
Nasal sprays containing decongestants like oxymetazoline (Sudafed, Dimetapp) work by narrowing the blood vessels which reduces inflammation and swelling.  The problem is that after three or four days of continuous use, the lining of the nose can swell up in response to stopping the medication (called rebound congestion), even if the original allergy or virus has passed.  This can result in the vicious cycle of needing to use them again and again, even when well.
Corticosteroid nasal sprays (like Telnase & Rhinocort)  are also often recommended for allergies and hayfever, however they carry the risk of side effects such as headaches and damage to the nasal passages – they also taste very bitter and aren’t suitable for some people, such as young children, those with severe sinus infection or who are prone to nose bleeds.
So what’s the alternative?  
Our nose’s natural best friend: saline
Our bodies are 50-60% water so it makes sense that almost every part of our body depends on it, including the mucous membranes that line our nose.  This delicate lining is covered with tiny hairs called cilia which help trap pollens, allergens and viruses and expel them – but they need moisture to work effectively. 
Where noses are concerned, water is good - but saline is better.  Adding a tiny bit of salt to water (usually around 0.9% in saline nasal sprays) makes the liquid ‘isotonic’, or closer to the chemical nature of our normal bodily fluids, the perfect balance to moisturise and hydrate nasal tissues.
Regularly using a saline spray such as Bosisto’s Nasal Spray helps keep your sinuses healthy, so they can do the job they’re designed for.   It may also help reduce the chance of allergies, particularly on days with high pollen counts, dust or pollution.  A “squirt of prevention” may even help you flush out invaders and dodge a winter virus or two if you’re lucky!
Already stuffed up?  
Whether it’s from a cold, allergy or hayfever, Bosisto’s Nasal Spray can also help.  

In all of these cases, increased mucous is retained within the sinus cavities, leading to obstruction and swelling of the nasal lining.   Bosisto’s Nasal Spray helps naturally flush out and clear the sinuses while also moisturising dry, irritated nasal passages.

It’s perfect if you work or live in a dry, artificially heated or air-conditioned environment  - a few sprays a day keep your nose in peak condition to help resist getting sick.  It's also a must-have for regular air-travellers - planes are notorious for low humidity (and a prime place to catch others' illnesses).
Best of all you can use a spray like Bosisto’s Nasal Spray anytime, as often as you like.  It doesn’t interact with any other medications, including sinus, allergy and decongestant tablets (and definitely won’t give you nose bleeds!).   Bosisto’s Nasal Spray can be used for all ages 2 years and upwards – plus it’s proudly made in Australia by an Australian-owned company.
Bosisto’s Nasal Spray is available in Woolworths medicinal aisle, selected pharmacies or buy online today.
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Always use the label and use only as directed.  If symptoms persist, see your doctor.

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