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DIY cooling after-sun spray

Sunburn is so last decade.  There is never a good excuse for getting as red as a lobster, not now we’re surrounded with education about harmful UV rays and the dangers of melanoma (http://www.sunsmart.com.au/).  Plus advances in ‘realistic’ looking tanning creams and sprays mean lying around in the sun isn’t just uncool and unhealthy, it’s unnecessary.  

That being said, the most diligent of us have been caught out from time to time, a little pink here or there despite our best efforts – in those cases it’s great to have a cooling, soothing solution on hand.

Firstly it’s important to note that, like any burn, nothing should be applied (except water or ice compresses) to a nasty sunburn for the first 24 hours until it begins to lose its heat.   After that, or in the case of a mild burn, this cool spray will be a great help. 
Aloe Vera is the master of healing botanicals, and as a natural anti-inflammatory, Lavender oil is renowned for soothing minor burns.

Bosisto's cooling after-sun spray

You’ll need:
A glass or plastic spray bottle
1 cup of aloe vera juice (from health food section of supermarkets, or health food stores)
¼ cup fractionated coconut oil (from health food section of supermarkets, or health food stores)
1 tsp Vitamin E (from health food shops)
24 drops Bosisto’s Lavender Oil

Combine all the ingredients into the spray bottle – shake and you’re done!

Quick tip:

If you don’t have time to make the spray, other home remedies for sunburn include grated potato, cool milk (or yogurt) compresses or a cup of oatmeal tied up in a clean sock, added to running bath water.  Most importantly, don’t forget your sunscreen next time!