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Natural DIY laundry sanitiser

Did you know that even if you wash in hot water, germs can still linger in your laundry? 
That’s not a huge problem for an everyday load of washing, but there are some circumstances where you might want to take a bit of extra care.
Disinfecting is a good idea when members of the family have been sick with flu,gastro, fungal or bacterial infections; when washing pet bedding; for cloth nappies,toilet training toddler’s gear or any other “poo-splosion”-type disasters, and after swimming in non-chlorinated bodies of water (and for towels left on damp floors).
An antibacterial wash can also refresh bedding or jumpers that have been in storage and wash away any undesirables you might have bought home with you after camping or travelling.
Many commercial laundry sanitisers contain bleach and other harsh ingredients – but not ours!  Here’s a super-simple sanitising wash recipe you can make with just a few common ingredients around the home, plus the antibacterial power of tea tree essential oil, a renowned natural germicide.
Bosisto’s Sanitising Wash
You’ll need:
4 cups White Vinegar
8 capfuls Bosisto’s Tea Tree Oil
Pour vinegar and tea tree oil into an empty bottle, shake and label.  Shake well before using.  Use ¼ cup per wash load (1/2  cup for particularly soiled items) added during the rinse cycle.
• Isolate all heavily contaminated laundry and do the affected load by itself to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
• Set the wash to the longest cycle possible, and the hottest setting you are comfortable using or that the fabric will allow (always check manufacturer’s directions before washing)
• If possible, air dry out in direct sunlight – UV sunlight is also a very effective germ-killer