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The 3-Step Solution to Stubborn Wheelie Bin odours

What’s big, green and wheelie, wheelie smelly?  Yes, it’s the dreaded wheelie bin.  And in warmer months, the aroma can go into overdrive.

Many have battled in vain to reduce the odour from their wheelie bins only to find that water, detergent and even commercial air fresheners are no match for the big Bad Boy of bins.

Short of never venturing into the garage, what’s the solution for stubborn bin odours? (and it’s not calling in professionals – did you know you can pay a mint to have someone clean your bin?)

Answer:  Eucalyptus oil.  Why eucalyptus?  Because its antimicrobial (germ killing) properties mean it fights bad odours at the source, killing germs that are responsible for smells – plus, it leaves a lingering freshness that beats synthetic fragrances hands down.

Here’s our 3-step solution to Wheely bin heaven.

1.  Ideally after each bin collection (but more realistically, at least every month) quarter fill the bin with water from a hose and add few capfuls of eucalyptus oil, or (even better), a eucalyptus solution that’s water-soluble.

2  Scrub all surfaces with an old broom or brush and rinse well – a pressure hose really comes in handy for this purpose (and can be fun for the kids too!)

3.  Drain and dry.  

NOTE:  In between washing, keep the bin smelling fresh with a eucalyptus or tea tree oil spray.  Added benefit?  It helps deter possums and stray dogs, who don’t enjoy the scent as much as we do.