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6 tips for seriously beautiful feet

There’s nothing that can ruin a summer outfit faster than terrible-looking feet.   From slingbacks to sandals, strappy heels to rubber thongs, all our foot faults are exposed in summer – so if you want to keep yours fabulous, here’s a few tips.

1. Fitness?  Try foot powder
Feet sweat a lot more in summer – in fact, they can sweat up to half a cup a day, and that’s not including during exercise.   Damp feet are more prone to blisters and bacterial infections, so to keep feet clean and dry consider using an antibacterial, sweat-absorbing foot powder inside socks – especially if you’re exercising for long periods of time.  Look for “moisture wicking” socks and another runner’s tip:  wear two pairs of socks to help minimise friction.

2. Slip slop slap
Feet burn too… trying to put shoes on after a long day at the beach can be a painful reminder.  Remember to apply sunscreen all over your feet, especially the tops and fronts of your ankles, and don’t forget to reapply after you’ve been in the water.

3. Spray smells away
Tea Tree Oil is a natural antifungal, helping kill bacteria and relieve the symptoms of tinea.  It’s a must-have for any camping trip where there are communal showers (along with the obligatory thongs), but the oil can be messy, so for foot care uses try Bosisto’s Tea Tree Spray.  It’s a no-mess, no-drip spray containing natural tea tree oil.  Spray on feet after showering, after the gym, or to treat existing infections.  Don’t forget to spray in shoes too (it freshens and kills bacteria).

4. Soak it up
Foot baths – just for winter?  No way!  Keep it lukewarm and add a fresh essential oil like eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil and a foot bath is the perfect way to freshen and deodorise feet after a long, hot day, not to mention softening callouses and helping you relax too.

5. Break in your holiday shoes
It’s common sense, but when you’re going on holidays -  particularly if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, break in your new shoes beforehand to make sure there’s no tightness or irritation.  If you do experience pain when walking or after standing for periods of time, it’s worthwhile seeing a podiatrist to check if you need orthotics (shoe inserts that can help give proper arch support).

6. Learn to DIY pedicure… and give toenails a colourful treat!
Pedicures are the ultimate feet treat, but you don’t have to spend a fortune at a salon.   There are lots of great DIY tutorials online – try this one for a good overview http://theeverygirl.com/7-steps-to-a-diy-manicure-pedicure-at-home  (tip: add a few drops of tea tree oil to your foot moisturiser of choice for an extra antibacterial boost).

Finally, treat yourself to a new shade of nail polish – according to Popsugar, metallics are the hottest thing on the catwalks right now!