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The easiest way to tackle head lice (no fuss, no tears!)


Head lice.  Two words on a school or daycare notice to strike fear into the heart of any parent.  Just one critter the size of a pin head can mean hours of applying smelly chemicals, combing impossible tangles and of course, endless whinging. 

Head lice have been around since pretty much the beginning of civilisation (they appear in Ancient Egyptian art) and they’re not going anywhere, infesting up to 35% of 4-11 year old Australian school children every year.  This immortal parasite is a hardy little species, figuring out how to become immune to many of the chemical treatments on the market.

And naturally, an outbreak will always happen when it’s most inconvenient. 15 children coming to your house that day for a party?  Heading off on holidays?  Important meeting at work you can’t miss?  That’s when you’ll notice the can’t-be-ignored scratching of heads and those dreaded white dots nestling in the hairline.

But now there’s a lifesaver so beautifully simple and easy it must have been a busy mum who thought of it.  Blitz Nitz Spray & Go.

Spray & Go is different from other head lice treatments, because it doesn’t require kids to sit still with product in their hair and a towel around their shoulders.  It’s simply sprayed on, like a conditioning de-tangler, left on hair for 5 hours or more, then washed out when the child has a bath or shower.

While life goes on (or sleep happens) Blitz Nitz Spray & Go works its magic. 

It kills head lice and eggs with a natural, essential-oil based formula - and it’s clinically proven, so you know it really gets the job done.

It’s an ingenious solution which means life doesn’t stop while you treat nits.

Spray it on your child’s hair before day care and put it up in a plait – she can play all day with friends and you can wash out those pesky critters in the bath that night.  Or, pop it on your child’s hair before bed, let them sleep on an old pillowcase or towel and in the morning – nits gone, and washed out in the shower. 

If you find nits in the morning, kids can even go to school that day since most schools only require that you have begun treatment.  Spray, and go on with your day.  Genius.

Unlike many lice treatments, Blitz Nitz isn’t unpleasantly smelly.   Its formula includes lovely botanical extracts such as argan kernel and grapeseed oils: it’s nourishing, and especially great for little girls with long, hard to manage hair.

Blitz Nitz Spray & Go might even thwart those clever ‘super lice’; its action is physical (the ‘suffocation’ method) not chemical (killing lice by pesticides) so lice may find it harder to biologically adapt and form an immunity.

It’s also kind on sensitive skin which is great for little scalps, and mum’s hands!

So if you don’t have time to stop your busy life for head lice, grab clinically proven Blitz Nitz Spray & Go.  It’s available at Chemist Warehouse, $12.69 (normal RRP $14.95).   The Euky Bear Blitz Nitz range is proudly 100% Australian made & owned.

For more info on the full Blitz Nitz head lice program, visit www.blitznitz.com.au.