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Smooth Post-wax Legs for Longer? Your ‘Essential’ Guide.

Even if you’re not a fan of ‘short shorts’, with temperatures rising everyone usually flashes a little bit more skin in summer - and for many of us that means a wax is in order. Whether you go to a beautician’s or DIY at home, a few top tips and “essential” natural ingredients can help your skin stay smoother for longer.


• Drink lots of water prior to your waxing appointment to make you are hydrated. Dehydrated skin tightens pores and causes a tug of war between those pesky hairs and the wax.
• Avoid stimulants like alcohol and caffeine, as they can increase sensitivity.
• If you have a low pain tolerance, you can take a paracetamol or ibuprofen about 45 minutes prior to help with discomfort.


• Exfoliate gently and regularly to prevent ingrown hairs.
• Avoid using perfumed lotions. Instead, keep skin soft and bacteria-free with mixture of 1 part tea tree oil to 20 parts grapeseed oil (add a little aloe vera gel too if you prefer). Why tea tree oil? Waxing leaves the hair follicle open and vulnerable to breakouts and infection. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial, and is an essential ingredient in waxing after-care which is used in many professional salons.
• If your skin is prone to redness and irritation you can also add a few drops of lavender oil to your blend, for its anti-inflammatory properties.
• Spot-treat any annoying breakouts or ingrown hairs with direct application of neat Tea Tree oil, to kill bacteria and assist healing.

Need some help with messy post-wax cleanup? Eucalyptus oil or spray are perfect for this purpose, with the oil’s natural ability to dissolve gluey bonds helping easily remove stubborn bits of leftover wax from skin, clothes and household surfaces. Plus, it covers any burnt wax smells beautifully!