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Fading Laundry? 4 Tips that Could Save you Big Bucks.

Whether it’s a treasured band t-shirt, that colourful striped doona cover or a black top you adore, there’s nothing more frustrating than discovering a favourite item has faded before its time.

All textiles and fabrics lose colour eventually, but there’s a few common mistakes you could be making in the laundry which can hasten their use-by date.

1. Wrong choice of detergent.
‘Bio’ detergents and those with fancy technical ingredients are the best, right? Wrong, particularly where colours and dark fabrics are concerned. Detergents containing enzymes and optical brighteners may make whites whiter but the chemicals are harsh on fibres and leave a film, contributing to colour fade. Choosing a gentle detergent for your darks and colours could add years to their life. Experts like Sheridan and Woolmark recommend using a mild eucalyptus-based product, such as Bosisto’s Laundry Liquid, which is gentle on colours and lets natural fibres breathe.

2. Over-crowding in the Wash.
When clothing is churned inside a  full-to-the-brim washing machine the friction, can cause clothing dyes to fade. Single out dark clothing and if the tags allow, wash them in cold water on a short, gentle cycle.

3. Using the Tumble Dryer.
Heat can also be a problem. Resist throwing clothes into the tumble dryer. If you must use it, use a low heat as high temperatures can damage fibres and cause clothing to lose its original colour.

4. Forgetting the inside out rule.
Always turn clothes inside out when you wash them, and particularly when hanging them on the line, to reduce exposure to UV light. Turning inside out also protects details like pockets and buttons, which can catch in the machine, and considerably reduces pilling so your garment looks new for longer.


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