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The 20 cent safeguard that could save your vaporiser

If you’re like many vaporiser users you might have vaguely heard (or read on the box) about cleaning tablets but perhaps haven’t given them much thought, or thought “it probably doesn’t make that much difference”.

These pictures tell a different story. 

Vaporiser damage2Vaporiser damage3
A particularly advanced case of mineral deposit buildup leading to the corrosion of the vaporiser's heating element.

Here at FGB as leaders in vaporisers in Australia we are always talking to people about their vaporisers – and one of the key causes of poor performance or failure to steam?  Mineral build up from not being cleaned properly. 

How mineral deposits affect your vaporiser
The water in a warm steam vaporiser is ‘boiled’ by a heating element inside the plastic part that’s connected to the power plug (the heating module).  The heat helps kill any microbes and bugs in the water, producing a clean, sanitised steam output.  The purity of the steam doesn’t change no matter how dirty the water gets; however, inside, the heating element can become vulnerable to build-up from minerals.

Calcium and magnesium in the tap water form a salty “crust” which sticks to the heating element.  This insulating layer of crust means it produces less heat, boils the water at a lower temperature and produces less steam. 

Over time the deposits can begin to corrode and disintegrate the heating element itself (see pictures).  The heating module can also become excessively hot, and possibly damaged, as blocked heat radiates upwards rather than into the water.

How can you tell if your vaporiser is steaming poorly?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell.  A ‘dirty’ vaporiser might not have actually broken down yet, but it could be running at much less than its peak efficiency.  You might see less steam coming out.  You might hear it spitting or spurting.   Or you might not.  You may not realise it is running poorly until it stops altogether.

Your vaporiser’s best friend – cleaning tablets
Solution?  Maintaining your vaporiser correctly from the start will help get the best out of your investment – both for your family’s health and your budget. 

Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets ‘steam while they clean’ helping prevent the formation of mineral deposits while you use your vaporiser as normal.  They can also help remove built-up deposits (see below for tips) ensuring the heating element is clean and functioning correctly.  

Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets have an RRP of around $6 for 30 tablets (more or less depending on the pharmacy) – so for about
20 cents per use, they help provide peace of mind and maintain your vaporiser at peak efficiency.

You can use these cleaning tablets with any vaporiser, and they’re non-toxic so can be used freely in children’s rooms from newborn onwards.

Ready to make your vaporiser steam like a dream? 
Here’s our quick how-to care and cleaning guide.

1. Figure out if you live in a 'hard water' area
If you do, you'll probably know.
Many country areas and particularly parts of Western Australia rely on groundwater that has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium salts.  If this is you, you should use Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets on the very first use, and each use thereafter (can also use 2 at a time if preferred)

2.  For everyone else, use one every 3-4 uses or weekly.

You don’t need to do a “clear run” with just water either – you can use the cleaning tablets WITH inhalant, at the same time as you’re using the vaporiser for normal therapeutic use (ie. in the child’s bedroom overnight).  Just pop one in – they can be crumbled, or not, it makes no difference – and let the tablet work its magic.

3. If you've never cleaned your vaporiser, it's not too late to start.

The cleaning tablets will work to remove built up mineral deposits from old modules too.  Just use one every time the vaporiser is run, and rinse thoroughly to remove any black particles.  It should usually correct itself within a couple of cleans.

TIP:  to help dislodge deposits you can stand the heating module in a bowl filled with approx. 10cm of white vinegar and soak, being careful not to submerge any electrical cords or parts and rinsing thoroughly before use.  Do not turn the vaporiser on while soaking in vinegar.  Do not attempt to dismantle the heating module to clean inside, as this could void your warranty.|

4.  Clean & dry every time

-        Clean vaporiser after each use – never allow water to sit inside.

-        Always disconnect the plug and allow the unit to cool before cleaning.

-        Remove the heating element first, then empty out any unused water.

-        Do NOT use any detergent or cleaning products inside the vaporiser.

-        Rinse thoroughly with cool water, drain and wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

  (Note: it’s important that your vaporiser is completely DRY before storage to help prevent any mould growth.)

-      Finally, don’t forget to always switch your vaporiser OFF at the powerpoint when not in use or when there’s no water in it.