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Spring clean your nose!....Introducing NEW Bosisto's Saline Nasal Sprays

The nose is a wonderful apparatus, but often taken for granted…. until it’s blocked, sneezy or swollen that is.
If you’ve experienced the discomfort of sinusitis or allergic rhinitis (hayfever) – like 1 in 5 Australians - you’ll be amongst those who truly appreciate the freedom of an unblocked nose.
You’ve probably tried almost everything to achieve it, too.  Unfortunately medications aren’t for everyone, and medicated nasal sprays can have the unpleasant side-effect phenomenon called “rebound congestion” where the nasal passages become more swollen after ceasing use of the product.
Luckily, Bosisto’s knows noses and we’ve come up with four new variations on nature’s most effective sinus remedy – hypertonic saline.
Firstly, what is saline?

Saline is the medical term for sodium chloride in water, or a salt water solution.  Since the body’s fluids are made up of water and mineral salts, saline is considered a better biochemical match for bodily fluids than water alone.
Saline is used for many medical purposes including flushing out wounds and intravenous rehydration. In nasal sprays, it’s also perfect for flushing out the nasal passages and caring for the delicate lining of the nose.
Saline nasal sprays help ‘flush’ or irrigate the sinuses to clear blockages and congestion and remove pollens and irritants.  They also help moisturise day nasal passages and keep them moist, which is the optimal nasal environment for good health.
One of the key advantages to saline over medicated sprays (with ingredients such as oxymetazoline) is that they’re natural, don’t interact with other medications, cause no side-effects, and can be used by almost anyone from children 6+ to pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Even Oprah recommends flushing out your nasal passages – she calls it “giving your nose a spring clean” – and it’s especially relevant during hayfever season, when pollens and grasses trigger more allergies than ever.
…and what’s “hypertonic” saline?
Saline preparations fall into two main categories – isotonic or hypertonic.  The difference is the amount of saline (salt) added. Isotonic solutions have around 0.9% saline while hypertonic solutions, such as Bosisto’s, have around 0.13%.  The extra saline makes it more efficient at drawing water molecules from the cells lining the nose, causing shrinkage of the swollen tissue and opening up the nasal passages.
Which Bosisto’s product should I choose?
You may already be familiar Bosisto’s Nasal Spray, which has been sold for several years in pharmacy.  Now, this popular product has been joined by four other varieties, and the whole range has been given a fresh new look.
• Bosisto’s Saline Nasal Spray – this is the most “basic” version of the Saline Spray and it’s perfect for all needs, especially for those who prefer a totally fragrance-free product.
• Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Saline Nasal Spray – formerly known as Bosisto’s Nasal Spray, it’s the same product you know and love; natural Saline with a hint of eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus oil has been renowned for centuries as a natural sinus remedy, with expectorant (mucous clearing) properties and a natural freshness that helps revitalise the senses.
• Bosisto’s Moisturising Saline Nasal Spray – Is your nose constantly dry from being in air-conditioned offices, air travel or low-humidity environments?  Do you have a sore, red nose from constantly blowing it?   This product is for you (or for anyone who prefers moisturising spray). With natural saline plus Aloe Vera to help calm and soothe redness, Pro Vitamin B5 to relieve dryness and moisturising Vitamin E, it’s the ultimate soothing experience.
• Bosisto’s Calming Saline Nasal Spray – Feeling dull and headachy from sinus congestion?  Need to be calm, centred and on-the-ball even when you’re not 100%? This product may help.  It contains natural saline plus natural extracts of lavender to calm, relax and soothe headaches, rosemary for mental clarity, and menthol for a refreshing, cooling sensation. 
Do your nose a favour and give it a “spring clean” – plus a little extra, with Bosisto’s.

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