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Freshen your commute with Bosisto's


Our latest Top Tip comes from Lauren Knights who recommends using Bosisto's Lavender Spray to keep her car smelling fresh.

'The weather in Queensland has been particularly muggy of late. Having small kids can mean the car gets a bit whiffy from time to time. In-between cleans or if the weather is too wet to leave the windows down, I spray my lavender aerosol onto the seat backs and under the seats before locking the car up for the night.  Note; lavender can be extremely calming apart from its antibacterial and smell-eradicating properties. So be careful not to use it in the car BEFORE you drive anywhere (just after).'


A wise move to remind people of the calming effect of Lavender Lauren, we wouldn't want people nodding off on the road. Although some soothing calm might be required before tackling peak hour city traffic!












Another option would be to use our popular Eucalyptus Spray.