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Our First Top Tip - Tea Tree Oil is a real Winner!

Our first ever Customer Top Tip comes from Tracey Reed who found a great use for our Bosisto's Tea Tree Oil:

'My tip is to use Tea Tree Oil to treat the infections seedy toe and thrush in horses hooves, and then once cured to use it as a preventative.

First clean the hoof with a special hoof pick and then scrub it clean with a dry scrubbing brush. Drip some neat Tea Tree Oil into the central sulcus and each collateral groove of the frog and onto any cracks or suspicious areas of the hoof and wall. Do this daily and the thrush will be healed in no time. Once cured, use it weekly as a preventative.'

Tracey's horse, Bugsy, is a much loved member of the family. He has been enjoying life in the paddock of late but here he is in action, winning a Pacing race for Tracey who both owns and trains him. What a champion!

Thank you so much for your Top Tip Tracey. Your Bosisto's prize pack is on it's way.