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About Bosisto's Essential Oils

The medicinal power and wisdom of essential oils (literally, the “essence” of plants) has been passed down for thousands of years… their uses are almost as old as civilisation itself.

Yet, from headache relief to pet care, settling baby to soothing a cold, their use still resonates perfectly with today’s modern lifestyles.  If you’re looking for more ‘natural’ ways to care for your family’s health, you’ll find essential oils are your one-stop wellbeing shop.

Scientific studies are now proving what our ancestors have known for centuries – these aromatic, botanical compounds can have potent effects on our mind, body and soul, and their unique properties lend them an enormous range of uses in the home as well.

Bosisto's: “Experts” in essential oils

Since 1852 Bosisto's, a brand proudly owned and operated by FGB Natural Products, has built a tradition of excellence in essential oils.  No other company in Australia has over 160 years’ experience growing, harvesting, bottling and marketing essential oils.

FGB is the largest fully integrated producer and manufacturer of eucalyptus oil in Australia, and now, we’ve applied this experience to tea tree and lavender oils as well. These oils undergo rigorous quality testing in order to proudly bear the original “Parrot brand” stamp of quality families have come to know and trust.

Three oils form the Bosisto’s range, which some of the most widely used in Australia today.

  1. Eucalyptus oil (see ‘About’ and ‘History’ for more)
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Lavender oil


Tea Tree Oil… Nature’s first aid

A natural antifungal, disinfectant and deodoriser, tea tree oil is proven to help manage tinea (athletes’ foot) and has a powerful antibacterial effect, killing the germs that cause odours to keep feet fresh.  It can be used as a natural germ-killer to help treat cuts, scrapes and blemished skin, as well as soothe the itch of insect bites.  Freshening pet areas and deterring lice and fleas are other terrific uses.

Tea tree oil was extremely popular as a natural antiseptic around World War I, and was included in the personal first aid kits distributed to soldiers fighting in the tropics to treat minor cuts, blisters and fungal infections before they became infected.  Around this time it was dubbed “Nature’s first aid”, or “the Medicine chest in a bottle”.
Bosisto’s uses a premium, therapeutic-grade Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil in its oil, Tea Tree Spray and Tea Tree Solution.

DID YOU KNOW?  Explorer Captain James Cook was said to brew a tea using Melaleuca leaves, which is how the “tea tree” got its nickname.

Lavender oil… Soothe your senses

Numerous scientific studies have proven that lavender oil has a soporific effect – in other words, helps put you to sleep!  It also eases mild anxiety, exhibiting a calming effect on the central nervous system.  As a sleep aid, lavender oil can be useful for all ages, from babies to seniors.  It’s also commonly added to DIY personal products from massage oils and bath salts, to help relax and soothe.

Lavender oil is a proven anti-inflammatory making it great for minor burns (such as sunburn), skin care and scalp treatments.
Bosisto’s uses a luxurious blend of lavandula essential oils in its Lavender Oil, Lavender Spray and Lavender Solution products. 



In 1910 French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse burned his hand during an experiment and, believing it was water, plunged it into a tub of lavender essential oil.  Legend has it that his burn healed so quickly he spent the rest of his career espousing the virtues of lavender oil!