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Bosisto's Steam Inhaler

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  • Personal device for steam inhalation
  • With medicated vapours (bonus inhalant)
  • Helps to clear a stuffy nose by removing mucous and keeping airways clear
  • Helps gently soothe and comfort the symptoms of colds and flu
  • Vapours help reduce a cough and heat soothes a sore, irritated throat
  • Easy to use with no mess or fuss
  • More convenient than 'bowl & towel' method
  • Low cost, hygienic and re-usable
  • Australian designed & owned

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Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhaler with Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhalant make the inhalation of medicated vapours in steam easy and convenient. Inhaling steam vapours helps remove mucus and keep airways clear making it easier to breathe freely.  It is also used by many actors, singers and public speakers to help keep vocal chords moisturised and healthy prior to performance. Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhaler is low cost, hygienic, durable and reusable.  It is easy to use and there is no mess, no fuss.


Interesting info

Bosisto’s EucoSteam Inhaler is Australian designed and made.  Constructed of high quality polypropylene, it is tough enough to hold hot steaming water without cracking or breaking down.  It’s also dishwasher safe.

How to use
  • Remove mouthpiece.  Pour hot water into base to fill level.  Do not use boiling water.  Use a protective cloth while holding and pouring hot water in, as base may become hot.
  • Add around 1ml (1/4 teaspoon) of inhalant, if using.
  • Replace mouthpiece.  Carry inhaler by base only, not by the mouthpiece.
  • Rest inhaler on table or flat surface.
  • Breathe in vapours through the mouthpiece.
  • After using, empty out water and inhalant, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly before storing.

Includes bonus mini Bosisto’s Euco Steam Inhalant.
Each 1mL of Inhalant contains:

Eucalyptus  Oil 150mg

Peppermint Oil 20mg

Lavender Oil 5mg

Oil of Wintergreen 5mg

In a base of slow-release propylene glycol


Always read the label, use only as directed.  If symptoms persist see your doctor. Not suitable for children under 2 years.

Inhalant cautions:  Use only as directed.  Keep out of reach of children.  For use in steam therapy only.  Not to be taken.  Contains a bitterant to deter ingestion.  If swallowed seek medical assistance immediately.

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