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Contract Manufacturing

Choose FGB Natural Products for your Contract Manufacturing Needs

FGB’s specialised equipment and expertise are available to clients seeking the manufacture and packing of flammable liquids, nutritional or OTC pharmaceutical liquid products. We can also Assemble Class 1 medical devices in an approved pharmaceutical facility.

FGB offer a variety of secondary packing services in an approved GMP controlled premises.

Regulatory Licences:

• TGA license # 36782
• Permitted to carry out all steps in manufacturing of non-sterile, aqueous and non-aqueous liquid finished dosage forms
• Suitable for oral and/or topical administration which include complementary, S2 and S3 scheduled medicines
• Fully compliant with DG code
• Quality Management System complies with cGMP
• APVMA license # 2053
• Permitted to manufacture non-sterile veterinary preparations including formulation, blending, filling, packing, labelling, testing, storage and release for supply

Manufacturing Capability:

  • TGA licensed clean rooms up to class D
  • DG/Non-DG blending suites from 2,000L to 8,000L batch sizes
  • Ingestible product blending suite up to 3,000L batch size
  • 2 filling lines for DG/Non-DG liquids
  • Fill volumes from 15mL to 500mL
  • Packing lines include filling, capping, labelling, cartoning, shrink-wrap, boxing and palletisation
  • Secondary packing area available for cartons or shrink-wrapping

Warehousing and Storage:

  • TGA and DG certified warehousing
  • Short and long term storage available
  • Distribution can also be arranged

Quality Assurance:

  • TGA compliant laboratory for chemical testing including GC, HPLC and FTIR
  • Ability to carry out validation and stability testing to TGA and ICH requirements including accelerated stability testing

What makes us unique?

  • FGB specialises is liquid filling for essential oils, flammable and non-flammable pharmaceutical liquid products, nutritional and herbal products
  • Pure essential oils
  • Alcohol based essential oil solutions
  • Aqueous based ingestibles
  • Alcohol based gels
  • Bulk liquid transfer, eg drums to IBCs
  • Emulsions
  • Antiseptics
  • Fish oil blends
  • Sunscreens
  • Liniments
  • R&D department can assist with creating or modifying products to your requirements

Why partner with FGB?

  • 20 years + history with contract manufacturing
  • TGA license
  • Pharmacy, Grocery, Commercial and Industrial channels
  • Modern facilities and equipment
  • Qualified and experienced team
  • Current customers include major pharma and healthcare companies
  • Specialists in bottled liquids including DG (flammable liquids) and ingestibles

For more information please contact our Head of Operations:


Barry Davies
Head of Operations
Phone (03) 9542 0119
Email bdavies@fgb.com.au