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How FGB can help you

FGB Natural Products offer safe, natural and effective solutions that can replace many chemical-based health & household products. That means a less toxic environment for you and your family.

Read below to find everything you need to care for your home or business, and the people in it.  Naturally.

Cold and Flu

If you prefer to “go natural” before relying on pharmaceuticals for colds and flu, you’re in the right place.  After all, colds are nothing new and traditional remedies have been proven safe and effective over hundreds of years – and modern science gives them the tick, too.  From steam therapy to natural chest rubs, cough lozenges to throat gargles, Bosisto’s and Euky Bear brands have everything you need for natural winter wellness.

Home Cleaning

Essential oils are enjoying a renaissance as a natural, non-toxic addition to the household cleaning cabinet.   A little goes a long way, and with natural germ-killing, antifungal, and pest control properties, essential oils are a wonderful (and aromatic) alternative to many harmful chemicals we use every day.  FGB is the “Home of Essential oils” so explore our Bosisto’s range, and make the switch to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family today.

Commercial Cleaning

Big cleaning jobs require cost-effective solutions – FGB can offer you that, and more. 
Our commercial cleaning blends - now available direct to public - are natural and environmentally friendly, with no harmful chemicals.  There’s a range of premium quality products to suit your cleaning needs – just browse the range in the Bosisto’s store, or ask our team.


Thinking of making the switch to a gentler, more eco-friendly laundry alternative?  FGB can help.  Our Bosisto’s laundry range is based on the grime busting, antibacterial power of 100% pure Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil, with no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances.  Plus, the entire range is free of fillers, garden-safe and clinically proven kind to sensitive skin.

Dust Mite Control

Dust mites are microscopic creatures which live in nearly every Australian home, and feed off dead skin cells shed by humans. Millions can live in the cleanest of homes. Dust mites are also one of the most common allergens found in Australia and 1 in 3 Australians will suffer from allergies in their lifetime. Our Bosisto's Dust Mite Control products, found in our Laundry section are clinically proven to help kill dust mites and remove their allergens, leaving your home fresh and healthy without added toxins. Read more in our Dust Mite Handy Hints brochure.

Therapeutic Care

Leading an active lifestyle is one of life’s joys, but it can also come with challenges:  smelly sports shoes, tinea and fungal infections; sprains, strains and sore muscles and those inevitable cuts, scrapes and insect bites that come with being in the great outdoors.   Don’t hang up your hiking boots – FGB is here to help with a natural range of antiseptics, muscle rubs and essential oils right in our Bosisto’s store.

Head Lice

Sick of trying to choose between natural remedies for head lice, and products that actually work?  FGB solves this difficulty with Blitz Nitz – head lice control products based on natural essential oils that kill lice quick (in just 5 minutes, in fact – clinically proven) while being kind on children’s hair.  They smell great, too!

Nutritional & Dietary Supplements

Want a nutritional supplement that’s really proven itself over time?  FGB is the place to find it.  We stock a range of traditional, heritage brands which have been used by Aussie families for decades – in some cases, over a century. Whether it is our gentle-on-the-stomach Clements Iron, the nutritional powerhouse Clements Tonic, digestive aid Kruse Liquid Magnesia or our famous Hypol for winter wellbeing, your health is in good hands at FGB.


Children’s fevers are no time for guesswork.  That’s why FGB offers one of Australia’s most comprehensive range of thermometers from leading brands Vicks, Braun and Euky Bear.  In our one-stop shop you’ll find something to suit every need and budget, from a reliable stick digital to the latest in forehead, touchless and IR Ear technology.

Blood Pressure

If you’re thinking of investing in a home blood pressure (BP) monitor but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help.  Braun is one of FGB’s most distinguished brands, an expert in home healthcare diagnostics for more than 90 years.  And now, their easy-to-use BP range is available so you can take better control of your health, and your life. 

Skin Care

There are some skin issues moisturisers just can’t touch.   Unsightly scars, fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration require deep down nourishment and renewal at the cellular level.  Luckily, FGB are exclusive distributors for B.O.N Nourshing Skin Oil.  Discover the difference B.O.N can make to your skin, and your confidence today.

Pets & Garden/ Outdoors

Our furry friends are like extensions of the family – but that doesn’t mean they’re always the most fragrant!  Bosisto’s essential oils are there to help keep your home (and their kennel and bedding) fresh, fragrant and parasite free.  And, in the garden there’s many uses to discover as well – from natural pest control to cleaning the backyard barbecue.