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Bosisto's Ultrasonic Diffuser

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  • Safe & cool to touch
  • Up to 9 hours operation
  • 16 LED light options
  • Humidifes the air
  • Auto switch-off
  • Operating times 60/180/360 minutes and ON
  • Water capacity 300mL
  • 1 year warranty

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Features and Benefits

The Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser is a safe and effective way to use essential oils to enhance your environment.

How to use
Ultra-fine mist disperses essential oils without chemicals or heat, ensuring the integrity of the essential oils is maintained.
During the day: Harness the power of essential oils every day and experience the benefits. Whether you’re seeking focus to get through the day or an energy boost in the afternoon, Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser is here to help. Suggested oils: Breathe, Energy, Focus, Stress.
At night: As part of your wind-down ritual, turn on your Bosisto’s Ultrasonic Diffuser 30 minutes before bed, to create an aromatic oasis. A perfect way to unwind from your busy day. Suggested oils: Sleep, Stress, Breathe.
1. Place on a flat surface in a safe and convenient location
2. Twist gently to remove the lid off the main body and fill with water to the line.
3. Add 6-9 drops in total of your favourite Bosisto's essential oils. Replace lid.
4. Press the 'mist' button to set the desired duration time.

Please follow precautions and safety warnings contained in Operating Manual.

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