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EBBN Nitview Comb

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  • Revolutionary new system to detect & remove head lice
  • LED light technology for easy detection
  • Chemical free: avoid use of harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • Quick, easy and mess free
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair; no need for time consuming washing
  • Re-usable, economical alternative to liquid products
  • Also use to scan bedding, hats and clothing
  • 2 year warranty

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The Euky Bear Blitz Nitz Nitview comb is a revolutionary new way to find and remove head lice without harsh chemicals.  It uses an LED light which is absorbed by the exoskeleton of lice and eggs causing them to flouresce (glow) for easy detection.  The specially-designed comb can then easily extract the lice - on damp or even dry hair - making it the perfect no-fuss way to keep infestations in check.


What is the Nitview® LED comb?
The Nitview® comb is a unique electronic device which emits an LED light at a wavelength visible to the human eye (400-405nm).  This light is absorbed by a substance called chitin within the exoskeleton of lice and eggs.  When exposed to this light they fluoresce – it literally makes them “glow” so they are easily seen in the hair.

With the help of the patented LED lamp, the parasites are easy to see and then remove, using the specially-designed lice comb attached.


Why use Nitview?
Many children do not enjoy the smell or feel of chemical head lice shampoos and lotions.  Parents may have difficulty getting them to comply with treatment, especially if they need to sit for extended periods with product in their hair, or endure lengthy wet-combing sessions.


The Nitview® comb is a perfect solution – it is odour-free, won’t sting their scalp and does not require wetting of hair for a simple lice check.   Unlike other combs on the market it does not vibrate or make excessive noise that my frighten a child.


It can be used in conjunction with your favourite treatment, such as Blitz Nitz Solution and Shampoo, or on its own as a completely natural, chemical-free option for head lice management.




It is recommended to use the comb on previously washed and untangled, dry or slightly damp hair.  For easier detection, low light conditions work best. 


Note: use the Nitview® comb to check hair at least weekly, especially if children are at school or daycare.



  1. Insert 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries into the battery compartment (see instruction booklet for detailed battery instructions)
  2. Hold the Nitview® LED comb by the handle, press the central button and the torch will start to emit light.
  3. Hold the Nitview® LED comb with its teeth at an angle of no more than 90° and begin to inspect the hair from root to ends, running the teeth through each section to be examined.
  4. Remove extracted lice and eggs from the comb using a damp paper cloth or wipe.
  5. Repeat the operation section by section until the whole head is inspected and cleaned.  Separating hair into several sections and examining one at a time helps to ensure no hair is missed.

If preferred, following the detection of a lice infestation, use Blitz Nitz Solution to kill lice and eggs in 5 minutes then maintain using Blitz Nitz Shampoo.  See products for instructions.

  1. Repeat the operation for several days in a row to ensure complete removal, as the life cycle of the louse (hatching of eggs into nymphs and growth into adult lice) is approximately 7-10 days.
  2. Use the Nitview® comb torch to inspect areas that could be infested – ie. beds, sofas, cushions etc.  Wash infected items in hot water with a splash of eucalyptus or tea tree oil.
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