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Euky Bear Bundle (EUK1)

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Bundle includes: 

1 x Euky Bear Vaporiser
1 x 200ml Euky Bear Inhalant 200ml
1 x Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets
1 x Euky Bearub 50g

Euky Bear Vaporiser
  • All-night relief for colds, flu, bronchitis & croup
  • Creates a soothing flow of warm, moist steam to loosen congestion and make breathing easier
  • All-natural therapy suitable even for the littlest family members (from newborn)
  • Quietest vaporiser on the market: steams silently so it won’t disturb your rest
  • Australian owned & designed
Euky Bear Inhalant
  • All-night relief from nasal congestion from colds & flu
  • Maximise the therapeutic benefits of warm steam from your vaporiser, or inhale vapours from a bowl of hot water
  • Natural way to feel better, without medicines
  • A strong, aromatic blend of essential oils including eucalyptus, rosemary and menthol
  • Suitable for all ages (from newborn onwards)
Euky Bear Cleaning Tablets
  • Helps your vaporiser steam better
  • Helps prevent formation of damaging mineral deposits
  • Removes old deposits, helping restore peak efficiency
  • Helps keep your warranty valid
  • Non-toxic: use while vaporiser steams normally
Euky Bearub 50g
  • Natural, eucalyptus chest rub
  • Clears a stuffy nose, soothes the throat & eases coughs
  • Gentle on most sensitive skin
  • Breathe easier - sleep better
  • Soothes & comforts for effective all-night relief
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Australian made & owned
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