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Lavender Spray 30g

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  • Handy travel size
  • All the uses of 100% pure lavender oil
  • Quick, convenient & mess free
  • Relaxes & creates a restful sleep environment (for all ages)
  • Cleans, freshens and deodorises naturally

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What does it do?
  • In an easy-to-use spray format; no waste or mess
  • All the traditional uses of lavender oil: sleep, stress and anxiety, headaches, first aid, freshening and more (see below)
  • Useful in children’s bedrooms to help create a calming environment for sleep – part of a wind-down routine
  • Freshens and imparts a lingering sweet aroma in guest rooms, baby’s nursery, drawers and linen cupboards
  • Cleans, freshens and deodorises around the home – especially tough odours like bins (including nappy bins) and areas of mould and mildew.
Interesting info

With its natural antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties lavender oil has long been used in first aid, but its most famous historical use is for minor burns.  Legend has it French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse, working in his lab in the early 1900’s, burned his hand - and, thinking it was water stuck it into a vessel of lavender oil.  The hand healed remarkably well with no scarring, and lavender was known as an excellent burn remedy ever since.


100% pure Lavandula angustifolia, 5% w/w.   CHC-free propellant.


Always read the label and use only as directed.  If symptoms persist see your doctor.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Use sparingly on sensitive areas and discontinue use if irritation occurs.  Care must be taken with serious wounds and they should be examined by a health professional as soon as possible.

Pet caution: ensure spray is not used directly on pets and prevent animals from licking any areas where the spray has been used.

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