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About us

Felton Grimwade & Bosisto’s Pty Ltd was established in 1867 as a pharmaceutical company.

We specialise in natural products and healthy solutions for you and your family and we are proudly Australian and family-owned.

  • Proprietary brands include Bosisto’s, Euky Bear, Clements and Hypol
  • Exclusive distributors of Vicks Home Health and Braun medical devices in Australia & NZ
  • Sales Australia-wide through Pharmacy, Grocery, online and other selected retail outlets
  • TGA, APVMA and DG licensed facilities with contract manufacturing capability
  • Primary producer of eucalyptus oil since 1852: harvesting, distilling, research & development

Our Vision

To be a leading Australian natural products company and a champion of Australian eucalyptus oil.

Our Mission

Help families live a healthier, more natural life.

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Customer focused: Impress our customers, always

Quality: Aim for excellence in everything we do

Innovation: Seek new ideas and ways to improve

Friendly: Engage passionately, positively and professionally

Integrity: Do what we say we’ll do

Growing Trees

Eucalyptus oil production – our heart & soul.


Our operation is centred around eucalyptus trees and eucalyptus oil production in country Victoria, in Australia. We have been harvesting and distilling eucalyptus oil in the Inglewood and Wedderburn district of north east Victoria, since 1852. The oil produced is derived from ‘Blue Mallee’ (Eucalyptus Polybractea) – a high quality medicinal oil, that is a sustainable and renewable resource.

In recent years, we have collaborated with Melbourne University and embarked upon a large-scale plantation project known as the ‘Super Trees’ project – one of the most ambitious agricultural experiments ever seen in Australia. By selectively breeding a high-yielding eucalypt variety, we attempted to dramatically increase Eucalyptus oil production in Australia. Benefits included greater productivity in eucalyptus oil harvesting and distilling and the opportunity to re-establish Australia as a major producer in the global market.  This experiment was documented in the ABC Landline program.

Today, harvesting is done on a 2-year rotational cycle and to date we have planted over 4 million trees and have plans for future expansion.